Binance Referral Code for up to $600 and 65% Fee Discount

➡️ Referral CodeSNSTW1MW
💰 Bonus 1$600 Rebate
💰 Bonus 265% Fee Discount

Binance Promo Code Bonus

Binance is one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. Aside from just having a great trading platform, Binance offers great benefits to users signing up with a specific referral code.

The Binance referral code is SNSTW1MW which makes you eligible for a $600 bonus as well up to 65% fee discount if done right. 

In this guide we will show you step-by-step how to properly apply the official Binance referral ID for the highest rewards and sign up bonuses. 

We will also show you a secret trick on how to get the lowest fees possible on Binance.

Binance Referral ID



Up to €600 in trading rebates + 65% Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

100% up to €500 +20 free spins and 4×25€ offered per day
Special Offer

What is the Binance referral ID?

The binance referral ID is SNSTW1MW and grants you the highest rewards as of 2023. Users that sign up with this promo code are eligible for an exclusive referral bonus of up to $600 and get an exclusive lifetime fee discount on spot and futures trading fees. Yes you got that right: Only users signing up to Binance with a referral ID or code receive those benefits.

By using this link (click here), the referral ID will be applied automatically. Below you will find a step by step guide, showing you how to apply the Binance promo code correctly to make sure that you can receive all the benefits that Binance has to offer.

How to apply the Binance referral Code

  1. Go to Binance with this link (click here)

2. On the sign up page, make sure that the referral code SNSTW1MW  is applied. Normally it is applied automatically when using the link above. However, some browsers or extensions might interfer with the aumtation. So if the code is not applied yet, simply copy and paste it into the “Referral ID” field.

Binance Create Account with Referral Code

3. Now you can create your account with an email or phone number and a strong password.

4. Verify your identity to qualify for the benefits. The verification typically just takes a few minutes.

5. After you created your account you receive a kickback on every trade worth up to $600.

6. You can visit the Binance reward center to see if there are additional benefits that you can claim on Binance when signing up with the referral ID.

Binance Reward Center

7. Claim cash and cashback vouchers in the reward center.

Claim BInance Sign Up Bonus

Binance Referral Code “SNSTW1MW”

Binance Referral ID



Up to €600 in trading rebates + 65% Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

100% up to €500 +20 free spins and 4×25€ offered per day
Special Offer

Bonus Levels on Binance

Bonus 1: Fee discounts

The best thing about Binance referral bonus is the automatic fee discount when signing up with the referral ID SNSTW1MW. 

Deposit AmountBonus
Automatically (With referral code)10% Spot Fee Discount
Automatically (With referral code)20% Futures Fee Discount
Turn on BNB Spot fee deduction

25% Additional Spot Fee Discount

Turn on BNB Futures fee deduction

10% Additional Futures Fee Discount

To turn on the BNB fee deduction, log into your binance account and navigate to the fee overview page. Now turn on “Using BNB Deduction” for Spot and Futures trading. 

Now you have the maximum fee discount on Binance of a cumulative 65%. You save 35% on the spot market and 30% on the futures market.

Binance BNB Fee deduction

Bonus 2: $600 Trading Rebate

Please note, that in order to qualify for all the bonuses Binance has to offer, you must finalize your identity verification first. This must happen within the first 7 days of signing up to Binance. The process is fairly simple and usually takes a few minutes.

Why you should always use Referral and Promo Codes

Many crypto exchanges offer exclusive benefits to users that sign up with a referral ID. In Binance’s case, you receive the highest fee discount available when using the referral code SNSTW1MW. Trading fees are an incredibly important factor and every decimal matters. 

Even if you manage to get only a 5% fee discount, in the long run it will have a massive impact on your profitability due to compounding. 

With the referral code you receive a 10% spot fee discount, 20% futures fee discount and you can get an additional 25% spot fee and 10% futures fee deduction when you activate BNB fee deduction. 

That’s a cumulative fee discount of 65% and it is an absolute dream for active traders. Nowhere else you can receive trading fee discounts of this size.

On top of that you can receive up to $600 in rebates for your trading which is basically free money.

About Binance

Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, Binance quickly became the shining star in the crypto space and is now worldwide the market leading crypto trading platform. Binance strives to offer the best cryptocurrency trading experience. With its amazing user interface, low fees and a wide variety of coins, Binance has everything a trader can desire.

The trading fees on Binance are some of the lowest in the whole crypto space. With 0.1% maker and taker fees on the spot market and 0.02% maker and 0.04% taker fees on the futures market, Binance offers a fair environment for traders. But as mentioned above, you can heavily reduce the fees by using the referral code SNSTW1MW and turning on the BNB fee deduction.

Aside from a cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance now offers a wide range of different products including

  • NFT trading platform
  • Binance earn for staking
  • Academy for learning
  • BSC – a smart chain for creating tokens and smart contracts
  • Margin trading and lending
  • OTC trading


Binance is one of the best options for crypto traders. Aside from being a secure exchange with low fees, Binance is offering a generous rewards program where users can receive benefits by signing up with a referral code. The referral code for the highest sign up bonuses on Binance is SNSTW1MW. With this code you can receive up to 65% in fee discounts and up to $600 in rebates for your crypto trading.

Binance Referral ID



Up to €600 in trading rebates + 65% Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

Binance Referral Code FAQ

What is the Binance referral code?

The Binance referral code is SNSTW1MW. With this code, you are eligible to receive the highest fee discounts as well as up to a $600 rebate for trading.

How can I apply the binance referral ID?

The code must be applied on the signup page. If you already have an account on Binance, unfortunately you can no longer activate the code and you are not eligible for any bonuses.

How long is the referral code valid?

The referral code is valid as of 2023 and the fee discounts are for your lifetime. We will always update the referral codes and make sure that they are up to date.

How do I get a Binance referral code?

If you want to receive your personal referral ID, you can get it in the “Referral” section at the bottom of the Binance website (footer menu). However, please note that not every referral code has the same benefits. The referral code SNSTW1MW ensures the highest possible rewards.

Is Binance available in the USA?

Unfortunately, Binance is restricted in the USA. Binance has a separate service for the USA called Binance.US, but we do not have any bonus codes for the US platform. If you are a US citizen and you want to benefit from crypto referral codes, we recommend you check out MEXC for a $9100 bonus.

Is Binance safe and secure?

While Binance appears to be a secure crypto platform, we never recommend keeping any cryptos on the exchange that you are not actively trading with. It is best to keep your cryptos in your personal wallet.

Binance Referral Code ‘SNSTW1MW