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➡️ Invitation Code3132873
💰 BonusFree Cryptos + 30% Commissions
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Crypto Bonus + 30% Commissions
Exclusive offer

If you are looking for a valid and up-to-date referral code for Bitforex, you have come to the right place! Register to Bitforex with the invitation code “3132873” and start earning 30% commissions from trading fees!


What is the Bitforex referral code?

The Bitforex referral code is “3132873”. This code is verified and valid in 2023! New users can sign up with this code and claim bonuses and offers on Bitforex, as well as invite new users like friends and family to trade on Bitforex to earn rewards from trading fees.

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How to Apply The Bitforex Invitation Code

1.  Go to the official Bitforex website (click here).

2. When using the link above, the code should be applied in the “Add Referral Code (Optional)” field automatically. If you can not see the code 3132873, you must add it manually. Sometimes browser extensions might block the automation.

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3. Sign up using an email or phone number as well as a strong password. Finally, agree with the terms & conditions, then hit the “create account” button – Congratulations! Your account has been successfully created!

4. Verify your email or phone number with the code that you receive.

5. Deposit, start trading and enjoy benefits on Bitforex!


What are the benefits of using a Referral Code on Bitforex?

Using a referral code on BitForex can bring you several benefits. First and foremost, it enables you to receive bonus rewards which will be credited directly into your account once the conditions of the referral program have been met. Bitforex offers exclusive rewards to invited users through the referral code. Here is a list of available bonuses on Bitforex that you can receive:

  • Reduced trading fees
  • Deposit and Trading bonuses
  • Fee commissions


Bitforex Referral and Knight Program

If you wish to receive your personal referral code in order to invite your audience, friends, or family to Bitforex, you can do so in your account. You will be provided with an exclusive invitation code (for example, 3132873) which you can share with other traders.

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Whenever someone is signing up with your link or code, you will receive a commission of the generated trading fees, while the invitee receives exclusive bonuses. This is basically a win-win situation!

The commission rates vary depending on the type of asset being traded and the amount involved in each transaction.

So if you want to receive bonuses while giving back to other people, make sure to sign up to Bitforex today!


Bitforex quick overview

BitForex is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that has rapidly gained popularity among traders. The company was founded in 2018 and operates from its headquarters in Singapore. BitForex offers users access to a large number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

One thing that sets BitForex apart from other crypto exchanges is its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate the platform and find the necessary information about each cryptocurrency listed on the site. The platform also offers various trading tools like stop-loss orders, limit orders, market orders, and more.


Security & Support

Bitforex’s security measures are top-notch, with their two-factor authentication being mandatory for all account holders, which makes it very difficult for hackers or cybercriminals to compromise accounts.

Another notable feature of BitForex is its excellent customer support team, who are always available around the clock via live chat or email support service, ready to help out with any issues you might encounter while using their services.


Bitforex Trading Fees

Bitforex follows the typical maker/taker fee model. On the spot market, both maker and taker fees are just 0.1% which is the industry standard.

On the perpetual futures market, Bitforex charges makers 0.04% and takers 0.06%. Unfortunately, this is more than the average. Especially the maker fees are a lot higher than the industry standard of 0.02%.

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Alternatives to Bitforex

If you already have a Bitforex account, you can not claim the bonus. Also, Bitforex is restricted in some areas. But don’t worry; there are great options where you can trade even bigger bonuses while enjoying lower trading fees!

MEXC is one of the best global crypto exchanges, and they also operate in the USA. MEXC offers a signup bonus worth up to $9100 when registering with the referral code mexc-BonusHunter. We also have a full guide on how to claim the full bonus on MEXC, which you can read here.

Alternatively, you can check out ByBit. They offer a signup bonus worth up to $30,000 when signing up with the referral code 35707, which is the highest signup bonus in the crypto space as of 2023.

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Crypto Bonus + 30% Commissions
Exclusive offer

FAQ: Bitforex Invitation Code Bonus

What is the Bitforex Referral Code?

The Bitforex referral code is 3132873 and gives you access to exclusive perks and bonuses.

Can I withdraw Bonuses from Bitforex?

No, you can not withdraw bonuses from Bitforex. They are exclusively for trading. However, you can withdraw commissions generated from the referral program.

Does Bitforex require KYC?

No, Bitforex does not require KYC. That means you can stay anonymous while trading cryptocurrencies.