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➡️ Referral CodeQTHQTAE
💰 Bonus$4,041
✔️ VerifiedValid 2023
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Up to $4,041 in Bonuses
Exclusive offer

If you consider joining Bitrue, you should read this article first. We will reveal to you how to get a signup bonus three times larger than regular users by using an exclusive invitation code (QTHQTAE). This code will make you eligible for an additional $3000 welcome bonus.

Altogether, you can receive a maximum bonus of $4041 when you collect the regular bonus as well as the exclusive invitation code signup bonus.

What is the Bitrue Invitation Code?

The Bitrue invitation code is QTHQTAE. When signing up with this referral code, you are eligible to claim a $3,000 bonus which you can use for your crypto trading. Please note that you can only access the invitee reward center when using the promo code. Otherwise, you will only receive a $1000 bonus.

Bitrue is one of the top crypto trading platforms with over $10 billion in daily trading volume and over 8 million traders. Make sure to sign up to Bitrue using the referral code QTHQTAE to receive the highest bonuses and benefits. Below you will find a step by step instruction on how to properly apply the Bitrue referral code.

Exclusive Bitrue Rewards Bonus

How to apply the Bitrue Invitation Code

Now that you have decided to register for a Bitrue account, it is important to make sure that the code is properly applied. Follow the step-by-step instructions so nothing can go wrong.

1. Go to the Bitrue website using this link (click here)

2. Click on “Claim Them Now

Claim Bitrue Bonus

3. Now, make sure that the Bitrue invitation code “QTHQTAE” is displayed. Normally, the code should be applied automatically when using the link above. However, some browsers might not support this feature. If you can not see the code displayed, make sure to copy and paste it manually.

Bitrue Sign Up Page

4. After ensuring that the invitation code QTHQTAE is displayed on the “Sign Up” page, you can go ahead and create your account with your email and a strong password. Note that you have to verify your email right away. Add your email and click on “Send”. You will receive a verification code on your email, which you have to add. Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find the code. Sometimes it might just be delayed, so wait a few seconds and try again.

Bitrue email verification

5. Deposit and trade cryptos on Bitrue.

6. Claim your bonuses in the Reward Center.

After you signed up and traded on Bitrue, it is time to claim your bonuses. In the next section, we will show you the exact requirements for the maximum bonus on Bitrue.

Bitrue Invite Code “QTHQTAE

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Up to $4,041 in Bonuses
Exclusive offer

Bonuses on Bitrue

On Bitrue, you receive the highest bonus only when signing up with the referral code. However, regular users can also receive some smaller bonuses from Bitrue. With the code, you can access over $3016 from the exclusive bonuses alone. On top of that, you can also claim the regular bonuses, which leaves you with a total bonus of $4041.

Exclusive Invitation Code Bonuses


Bitrue bonus requirements
Exclusive Bitrue Referral Code Bonus


Regular Benefits

The regular benefits can also be accessed by users that did not sign up with the invitation code. $1036 are free to grab for regular users.

Bitrue regular bonus
Bitrue Newcomer Benefits

About Bitrue

Bitrue was founded in 2018 and is one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in terms of users and trading volume. Every day, millions of traders transact over $10 billion on the cryptocurrency exchange. 

With low fees, a great user interface, and high liquidity, Bitrue ensures a smooth trading experience. The derivatives market supports over 120 trading pairs and offers a leverage of up to 100x.

Bitrue trading interface

Aside from having a great web interface, Bitrue also has a mobile application so you can trade on the go.

Lastly, Bitrue understands how important good customer support is. For that reason, Bitrue offers 24/7 live chat support to solve all of your queries.

Other Events and Promotions on Bitrue

To engage with their users, Bitrue is regularly hosting events and special promotions such as trading competitions. In March 2023, Bitrue hosted a trading competition with a prize pool of $1,000,000. It is definitely worth checking out if Bitrue has an event going on. The prizes are usually very generous, and it can be fun and challenging.

Bitrue trading competition, events and promotions

Bitrue Alternatives

If you already have a Bitrue account or you can’t use them due to regulatory reasons, do not worry. In the crypto space, there are many generous offers and bonuses to claim.

As of 2023, the best bonus programs are on ByBit and MEXC.

ByBit is offering a $30,000 bonus for new users. You can learn how to receive the full ByBit bonus in this article right here.

Another great option is MEXC, especially for users from the United States. MEXC is a U.S. friendly crypto exchange with bonuses up to $9,100. You can read our full MEXC guide here.


Bitrue is a decent place for crypto trading and offers great benefits to users when signing up with the invitation code QTHQTAE. This is an exclusive promotion code that you must apply when creating your account. With this code, you are eligible for the highest welcome bonuses on Bitrue of up to $4041.

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Up to $4,041 in Bonuses
Exclusive offer

Bitrue Invite Code FAQ

What is the Bitrue Invite Code?

The Bitrue invite code is QTHQTAE. This is an exclusive code that allows you to receive the maximum bonus available on Bitrue.

Can I withdraw the bonus?

You can withdraw the bonus partially. A few small portions are airdropped into your spot account as cash, which you can then withdraw. However, the majority of the bonuses are exclusive futures trading bonuses. You can basically consider it a risk-free trade with free money. Of course, you can proceed to withdraw all the profits that you make from the bonus.

Where can I see my Bitrue rewards?

You can access your Bitrue rewards and welcome bonuses in the “Rewards Center”.

Bitrue Invite Code “QTHQTAE

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Valid in 2023 on