BYDFI Invitation Code For $2888 Bonus!

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Code: dhXmzd

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If you are looking for an invitation code for BYDFI (formerly known as Bityard) to qualify for a trading bonus, you have come to the right place. We have reached out to BYDFI so we can offer a bonus of almost $3000 to our community!

Receive a trading bonus worth $2,888 when signing up on BYDFI with the invitation code “dhXmzd“.

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Up To $2888 Trading Bonus!
Exclusive offer

What is the BYDFI Invitation Code?

The BYDFI invitation code is “dhXmzd“. This code gives you access to the exclusive reward center, where you can receive bonuses of up to $2888 just for trading on the crypto exchange.

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What is a BYDFI Invitation Code?

BYDFI gives content creators, such as blog writers, exclusive codes which they can share with their community. Whenever someone from the community signs up with this referral code, the invitee can receive exclusive bonuses, which regular users will not get access to.

BYDFI offers content creators a way to give back to their community and improves the overall trading experience with generous rewards.


How to apply the BYDFI Code?

Now that you want to start trading on BYDFI, it is time to apply the code properly. Follow the step-by-step guide below to make sure everything is set up!

1. Go to (click here).

2. Normally, when using the link above, the code should be applied automatically. However, if the code is not applied yet, you must copy and paste the code “dhXmzd” into the “Invitation Code (Optional)” field.

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3. Finalize the signup process with your email or phone number and a strong password.

5. Go to the “Promotion” page and finish all bonus tasks. After doing some tasks, the bonuses will be credited to your account!


How to Receive all Bonuses

BYDFI has many different tasks for bonuses of different sizes. Below you will find a table with all the criteria to unlock every single bonus. Let’s do this!


Bonus Level 1: New User Tasks

Trade KASMystery Box
Verify your account (KYC)Mystery Box
Link Google Authenticator$2
Set Up Anti Phishing Code$2
Join Community$2
Trade Leverage Tokens$2
Start Copy Trading$5
Deposit Crypto$30
Buy Crypto (via Banxa/Transak/Mercuryo)$50
Submit Feedback$5-5,000

The “New User Tasks” are super simple tasks that just require a few minutes to do. Adding 2FA, finalizing KYC, and setting up an anti-phishing code are always great to set up anyway, but BYDFI even rewards you for those simple things!

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Bonus Level 2: Over $5,000 Advanced Task Bonuses

Deposit ValueTrading VolumeBonus
Submit Feedback-$5-5,000

The “Advanced Tasks” require a little more work. You can receive some deposit bonuses, but the big bonuses are received when trading a certain amount on the BYDFI trading platform.

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Lastly, it is important to understand that you can not withdraw any bonuses. They are exclusively for perpetual futures trading on BYDFI. But of course, you can withdraw all the profits that you make from the bonus. You can basically see the bonus as free money for a risk-free trade.


BYDFI Referral and Affiliate Program

If you are a content creator yourself or you have any sort of audience, you can apply to BYDFIs partner program, where you can receive your own invitation code that you can share with your community.

Even if you don’t have an audience, but you still want to share an invitation code with your friends and family, you can do so with the referral program.

Whenever someone signs up with your BYDFI invitation code, you receive a 50% commission from BYDFIs profits, and the invitee receives an exclusive bonus. This is basically a win-win situation!

1. Sign up to BYDFI here.

2. Go to the “Affiliate” section in the top left corner.

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3. Apply to BYDFIs affiliate program with your name, email or telegram, country, and a message to BYDFI where you can add information about yourself.

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4. Once your application is approved, you will receive your own invitation code, which you can share with your audience, friends, and family.

5. Whenever people trade under your link, you will receive a commission of up to 30%, and the invitee can receive exclusive trading bonuses.


BYDFI Invitation Bonus Code Conclusion

BYDFI is an amazing cryptocurrency trading platform offering people a place to execute orders with high volume and liquidity. At the moment, BYDFI is offering generous trading bonuses worth up to $2,888 for users when signing up with the invitation code “dhXmzd“. When accumulating all bonuses, you can even receive over $7,000 in trading bonuses.


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Up To $2888 Trading Bonus!
Exclusive offer

FAQ: BYDFI Invitation Bonus Code

What is the BYDFI invitation code?

The BYDFI invitation code is dhXmzd. With this code, you get access to up to $2,888 in trading bonuses.

Can I withdraw the BYDFI bonus?

No, you can not withdraw the BYDFI bonus. The bonus is exclusively for margin trading, fee deduction, and funding rate payments.

Can I use BYDFI in the USA?

Yes, BYDFI is operating in the United States.