All Types of Casino Bonuses You Need to Know!

All Types of Casino Bonuses

There are many online casinos available to players worldwide. With this fierce competition between online casinos to attract and keep players, bonuses started being offered as rewards to players.

Today, bonuses are an expected part of any online casino, as they incentivize new and experienced players. Bonuses draw in new players and make it simpler for them to play the thousands of accessible casino games. We decided to look into the best types of bonuses and when players can take advantage of these rewards.

You will receive a bonus when you sign up for a new casino as a thank-you present. The welcome bonus is only the very beginning. The top online casinos will offer a bag of other bonuses and promotions with one goal – boost your bankroll and make you stick around.

However, it can all be confusing for beginners since you can get your hands on different types of bonuses. Here are the most popular casino bonus types which will boost your bankroll like nothing else.

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Types of Bonuses


Welcome Bonus

When new players sign up and deposit at the casino, they are given a welcome bonus. It might differ from one casino to the next and is often a percentage of the deposit sum.

This kind of prize is sometimes called a new player, signup, or first deposit bonus. It is given to you when you join a casino as a new member.

Welcome bonuses can bump your wager or extend your gameplay time. A welcome bonus may be 100% up to $1000 + 200 Free Spins. Your initial deposit will be matched by the casino up to $1,000. 200 more free spins are included. Another illustration would be a $1500 match bonus on your first three deposits, increasing each amount you made up to $1,500.

The amount of a welcome bonus might range from 50% to 500%. Players should be careful of high welcome bonuses since they sometimes have complicated terms and conditions attached. A welcome bonus is beneficial when trying a new casino or learning a new game.


Deposit Bonus

You receive gifts when you deposit at an online casino. The most common incentive is the signup bonus, but you can also receive this kind of prize afterward as part of a marketing initiative.

These incentives will either cover 100% of your money or a fraction (such as 50% or anything higher). Always subject to restrictions and conditions, be prepared to wager it before withdrawing.

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No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a benefit new players can receive without depositing. Players may test out the casino with this offer, often a small sum of money or free spins, without risking any of their own money.

The incentive often has limitations and is in the $50 to $150 range. You may only be able to spend it on slot machines, and some “churn” will be necessary. For instance, you may wager $3,000 if given $150 in credit and play it through the machine 20 times. Additionally, there will be a maximum cash-out amount. So, if you use your free bonus to win a $10,000 jackpot, your maximum cashout could only be $500.

Although these limitations may appear complicated, casinos must impose them to stop bonus seekers from visiting other casinos and withdrawing their free credits.

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Reload Bonus

Reloads and signup incentives are similar. Although they don’t frequently cover 100% of a deposit, you can earn 30% or 40% on a particular day of the week.

Customers who have already made deposits are the only ones who can get reloads on casino websites. This rewards devoted clients rather than a bonus for new gamers. The wagering requirements also tend to be lower because they often only cover a smaller deposit amount.


Cashback Bonus

A good likelihood is that you will win and lose money when you play at an online casino. Don’t you want a bonus that compensates you for your losses? Precisely that is what cashback bonuses accomplish.

They are often paid out daily, weekly, or monthly by online casinos. Of course, you shouldn’t count on them to make up all of your losses; most likely, they’ll cover 20% to 30% of them. Please read the conditions before obtaining the bonus credit because it may have to be wagered.

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Free Spins Bonus

Free spin bonuses incentivize players to try out a particular slot machine. A certain number of free spins will be given to the player, and any winnings resulting from those spins will be added to their account.

Free spin incentives are often given to current players to promote newly released slot machines. However, some casinos also provide them to newcomers. Most casinos provide free spin bonuses, but a lot of them employ unique strategies. Most free spin bonuses have stricter wagering requirements and a lower maximum cashout. If you receive this bonus, attempt to use it to maximize your cashout and promptly pay out your gains.

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High Roller Bonus

A high roller bonus is a bonus that is offered to players who deposit large amounts of money at the casino. Some casinos provide high-roller incentives because they want customers prepared to make substantial deposits. When you make a larger payment, the casino acknowledges you as a VIP, giving you access to other benefits and events like free slot tournaments with casino-provided cash prizes.

Verify the criteria before depositing because most casinos will demand a $500 payment to qualify as a high roller admission. This bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit amount and is designed to reward high rollers for their loyalty.


Referral Bonus

Players that promote a particular casino and invite new users to the service frequently receive referral bonuses. In other words, the casino will reward you with bonus money each time you refer a new player who deposits using your link.

Even though it’s a very successful strategy for attracting new customers, only some casinos give referral incentives.


Matched Deposit Bonus

The matched deposit bonus is frequently the most profitable promotion. There is a minimum deposit requirement; however, you can receive bonuses that match your deposit 50%–500%. The limits and wagering requirements are often less rigorous than the no-deposit bonus. Some of the most flexible bonuses are matched deposit bonuses, such as signup, daily, weekly, or monthly. This indicates that they are the most prevalent and typically among the finest incentives at an online casino.

The standard wagering requirements range from 25 to 35 times the starting amount, and the minimum deposit is typically $10.

Make sure to employ the finest bonuses, then! Additionally, there isn’t always a win cap on the bonus; if there is, it’s significantly larger than with a no-deposit bonus. The potential return on your deposit is, therefore, often better.

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Loyalty Bonus

A bonus is offered to players based on their level of play. The more they play, the more they will be rewarded with bonuses and other perks. When a player has claimed the signup bonus, loyalty programs like VIP levels and Cashback benefits are frequently used to guarantee that they continue to play at the casino. Loyalty programs have several advantages, from fewer wagering restrictions to more significant withdrawal limits. Additionally, you may get a higher % cashback, making it more profitable to keep playing at a specific casino.


VIP Bonus

You virtually always have the opportunity to join a VIP club when you play frequently at an online casino. Only regulars are eligible for VIP benefits, which are more significant and better than the others. You could also find them with less stringent wagering requirements, allowing you to withdraw your earnings more quickly.

In addition to the significant advantages for devoted players, VIP clubs typically provide a range of additional benefits.

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Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is one that a player may wager with but not cash out. An exclusive bonus may occasionally only be utilized “for betting,” according to some casinos. Typically, a sticky bonus offers greater bonuses than a non-sticky incentive.

If your preferred casino gives a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, you invest $50, making a total deposit of $100. You then use the whole $100 in your betting account to place a wager on a game with a $100 possible winnings value. Two things may occur.

Either you win the wager and receive the whole $200 in your wagering account, or you lose the wager. In this scenario, you would only lose your $50 original payment.

The main advantage of a sticky bonus is that it enables you to play for free while still allowing you to withdraw your earnings less the sticky bonus you received when you first started playing. However, you will only lose the sticky bonus if you lose. It is important to remember that sticky bonuses typically have set wagering requirements. Most of the time, the casino will demand a minimum stake before allowing you to withdraw your earnings. Read the bonus offer terms carefully to know what you agree to.


Non-Sticky Bonus

Any bonus that a casino permits you to withdraw with your profits and original deposit after you fulfill the requirements outlined in the terms and conditions is a non-sticky bonus.

Take this second illustration. A 50% deposit bonus is available at Casino XYZ. $300 is deposited into player A’s account, or $200. Then Player A places a wager with a $300 prize up for grabs. Player A will have $600 if Player A wins the wager. The wagering requirement for Casino XYZ is that a player must make a $100 wager to access the bonuses. Now that player ABC has bet $150; he has satisfied the necessary condition.

After that, Player A can take his $600 account balance out.

Let’s say that player A places the wager using just his initial deposit and not the bonus. Then, without worrying about any wagering limitations, he may withdraw all of his earnings with his initial investment.


Exclusive Bonus

In a casino, an exclusive bonus is a unique benefit only given to a few players. The casino may pick this group of players based on their commitment to it, their betting patterns, or other vital considerations.

The amount of the exclusive bonus is often larger than that of ordinary bonuses, and it may come with benefits like more spins, bigger deposit bonuses, and entry into restricted games or competitions. Its goal is to reward devoted customers and motivate them to keep playing at the casino.

Players may need to submit a unique bonus code or satisfy specific eligibility requirements to qualify for an exclusive bonus. Sometimes the casino can invite players to be eligible for the exclusive bonus. Before claiming the bonus, read the fine print thoroughly because the terms and conditions differ from those of ordinary bonuses.


Mobile Bonus

When a player accesses an online casino’s games using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, the casino typically offers them a mobile bonus. The offer is intended to persuade users to use their mobile devices to play casino games rather than desktop PCs.

Free spins, extra cash, and deposit match bonuses are a few examples of the many benefits available for mobile devices. Both first-time buyers and repeat consumers frequently receive these incentives. You can get them by signing into the casino’s mobile app or by inputting a specific mobile bonus code.


Payment Method Bonus

A payment method bonus is an incentive some online casinos offer players to encourage them to use a particular payment method when making deposits. Frequently, the bonus is added to the player’s account balance, giving them more funds to use for gaming. Usually, it is determined as a percentage of the deposit sum.


Game Specific Bonus

A game-specific bonus is a bonus offered to customers in a casino as a reward for playing a certain game.  Casinos regularly use this type of bonus as a marketing tactic to entice new clients and retain current ones.

Before taking any bonus, you should carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure it is valuable and suits your gaming interests.


Tournament Bonus

A tournament bonus is a promotion or incentive given to players participating in a particular competition or tournament.

Free spins, bonus money, or other awards are possible tournament bonuses. The players that do the best during the competition, such as those who earn the most money or rack up the most points, frequently receive a bonus.

Depending on the casino and the event in question, the particular terms and conditions of the tournament bonus may change. The primary goal is to motivate players to fight against one another for the opportunity to win both the tournament prize and the bonus incentive.

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Wagering Bonus

A promotional offer known as a wagering bonus in a casino gives customers more money or spins to use on casino games. Gamers must frequently deposit or fulfill other requirements to qualify for these incentives.

The player can use the bonus to wager on qualified games once credited to their account. Nevertheless, the player must fulfill a wagering requirement before withdrawing bonus earnings.

The number of times the bonus sum must be wagered before any profits can be withdrawn is known as the wagering requirement. For instance, to withdraw any wins from a $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, the player must first risk $2,000 in wagers.

It’s crucial to remember that not every casino game counts equally toward fulfilling the requirement for wagering. Slot machines, for instance, might count for 100% of the criteria, while table games might only count for 10% or less.


Free-Play Bonus

Players can play specific games for free with the chance to win real money when they receive a free play bonus. The casino may permit a player to play without using their funds for a predetermined number of free play credits or a predetermined amount of time.

Free-play bonus wins typically have wagering restrictions before they can be cashed out. This implies that gamers will have to gamble a set sum of their money before they can cash out their gains.

Players can experiment with different games or techniques without risking their money by taking advantage of free play bonuses.


Birthday Bonus

A birthday bonus in a casino is a special promotion or perk offered to players who visit the casino during their birthday month. Depending on the casino, the birthday bonus may come as free play, free spins on slot machines, a complimentary meal or drink, or even a free hotel room stay.

To be eligible for the birthday bonus, the player usually needs a membership or rewards card with the casino and provides their birthdate information. The specific details of the bonus and how to claim it can vary from casino to casino.

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Anniversary Bonus

When a player has been a casino member for a certain amount of time, typically a year, they are eligible for an anniversary bonus. This incentive may take the kind of free spins, bonus cash, or other benefits like meals or hotel stays on the house.

The anniversary bonus lets the casino express gratitude to its devoted patrons and entice them to keep playing. The anniversary bonus is one of the benefits that can be redeemed in many loyalty programs where players earn points or rewards for their behavior.


Seasonal Bonus

A casino’s seasonal bonus is an additional incentive offered to customers at particular seasons, such as holidays or special occasions. This promotion, which may take the form of free spins, bonus chips, or cashback benefits, is intended to entice players to visit the casino more regularly and play more frequently overall. Seasonal bonuses are another tool that casinos may use to thank regular customers and encourage them to stick around in the long run.

Before claiming any bonuses, it’s crucial to thoroughly read the terms, as the casino will have different rules and regulations regarding specific seasonal incentives.

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As it stands, there are many different incentives you might anticipate receiving when you sign up for an online casino. Some casinos feature sizable welcome bonuses, while others have a program that rewards regular customers.

Therefore, when you sign up for an online casino, be careful to review their bonus policy because it can significantly affect your odds of winning!