dYdX Referral Code Link for 5% Fee Discount

dydx referral code fee discount

Valid in 2023 on dydx.exchange

🌐 Exchangedydx.exchange
➡️ Referral CodeZOTIWPRY
💰 Bonus5% Fee Discount (Lifetime)
✔️ VerifiedValid 2023
dYdX Exchange loco icon referral code for fee discount



5% Lifetime Fee Discount!
Exclusive offer

If you are looking for a dYdX referral code, you have come to the right place! With the dYdX referral code ZOTIWPRY you receive a 5% lifetime fee discount which will save you a lot of money trading!


What is the dYdX referral code?

The dYdX referral code is ZOTIWPRY. This promo code will activate an exclusive 5% fee discount forever which you will not get anywhere else! While 5% might not sound a lot, this is a really big deal in the long run due to compounding gains.

By using the dYdX link on our website, you will automatically activate the dYdX referral code and therefore receive the fee discount.

dYdX Referral Code

How to activate the dYdX referral code

Now that you have decided to take advantage of the dYdX referral code, you must make sure that the code is applied properly. Follow our step by step guide to make sure that you get access to the exclusive dYdX fee discount.

Step 1: Visit the official dYdX website (click here).

Step 2: Check if it says “Join me on dYdX to receive a 5% discount” at the top. You only activate the fee discount when using one of dYdX referral code links from our website as they automatically activate the referral code.

dYdX Referral Code

Step 3: Connect your wallet. As dYdX is a decentralized exchange, you don’t have to send funds to the platform. Simply connect your wallet and start trading. I usually use the MetaMask wallet as it is very simple to set up.

dYdX Referral Code Link

What is dYdX Exchange?

dYdX is a leading decentralized crypto trading platform (DEX) where users can trade with their funds without having to keep them on a centralized platform. This makes dYdX a secure crypto exchange where users keep their funds in self-custody so that the exchange can not mismanage them (like FTX did).

dYdX offers low fees and a wide variety of assets, making it one of the best decentralized crypto exchanges alongside GMX.  If you want to trade from your phone, you can even download the dYdX mobile application for iOS devices.

dYdX Referral Code

Pros and Cons of dYdX

dYdX Pros:

  • Decentralized (self custody)
  • Fee discount (with referral link)
  • Wide range of assets
  • User Friendly Interface


dYdX Cons:

  • Higher barrier of entry due to wallet connection
  • Lower liquidity than CEXs
dYdX Exchange loco icon referral code for fee discount



5% Lifetime Fee Discount!
Exclusive offer


If you are interested in decentralized exchange trading, then dYdX is one of the best choices. With the dYdX referral code ZOTIWPRY, you even receive an exclusive lifetime fee discount of 5%.

Overall, dYdX is a great crypto exchange with low fees, a wide variety of assets, high trading volume, and an amazing user interface. The trading experience on dYdX is amazing and the platform offers great benefits for crypto traders.