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Valid in 2023 on kucoin.com

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➡️ Referral CodeQBSSSGQ2
💰 Bonus$3200
✔️ VerifiedValid 2023
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Up to $3200 in Bonuses + Discounts and Rebates
Exclusive offer

The KuCoin referral code is QBSSSGQ2. With this referral code, you are eligible for a bonus worth up to $3200, completely for free! By using this link (click here), the code will be applied automatically. 

KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering traders a place to buy and sell cryptos with ease. Signing up to KuCoin with a referral code comes with great benefits. By using the referral code “QBSSSGQ2”, you can receive the highest sign up bonus available on KuCoin as of 2023.

The platform offers low fees, high volume and a wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can trade on KuCoins spot and futures market with leverage. KuCoin also has a great user interface. On top of that, KuCoin has an amazing mobile app which you can download on iOS and Android devices.

In this guide we show you step-by-step how to set up your account and how to use the referral code for the highest available benefits and bonuses.

Kucoin Referral Code Bonus 3200

How to apply the KuCoin Referral Code

1. Go to KuCoin using this link (click here)

2. Make sure the referral code “QBSSSGQ2” is displayed as in the image below. Normally, the code is applied automatically when using the link above. However, some browsers might block it. If the code is not displayed, make sure you copy the code QBSSSGQ2 and paste it into the “Referral Code” section.

KuCoin sign up page

3. After making sure that the invitation code is applied properly, you can proceed and create your account using your email or phone number and a strong password.

4. The next step is to deposit and trade on KuCoin.

Deposit and trade kucoin

5. After that, you can claim your mystery on KuCoin in the “beginner zone” section.

KuCoin Referral Code “QBSSSGQ2

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Up to $3200 in Bonuses + Discounts and Rebates
Exclusive offer

Different Bonus Levels on KuCoin

As with every exchange that offers bonuses, there are different levels to it. That is great because not only big traders can receive bonuses but also people with a low trading balance.

Bonus 1: $3200 Sign Up Bonus

These requirements must be met within 14 days of signing up to KuCoin using the referral code QBSSSGQ2. 

KuCoin sign up bonus

The best thing about KuCoins referral code is their sign up bonus without having to deposit and trade. As shown in the table above, you can receive a $10 sign up bonus on KuCoin right away. That makes the reward program on Kucoin very attractive for smaller traders and people that are new to the crypto space.

Bonus 2: Fees discounts, Coupons and Margin Bonuses

Aside from just receiving USD bonuses, you can also receive additional bonuses such as margin bonuses, interest-free coupons, and fee deductions.

KuCoin fee discount and coupons

You can receive up to 30% trading fee rebates which are paid back into your account after trading. This makes trading on KuCoin even more attractive as you can save a lot of money in fees.

Special Events and Bonuses

New users signing up with the referral code can claim up to 100% APR when staking USDT.

Special KuCoin events and bonuses

Furthermore, you can receive free airdrops worth up to $100 USDT on KuCoin for your futures trading account.

KuCoin 100 USDT Airdrop

Receive your own Referral Code

After signing up to KuCoin, you can receive your own referral code to share with friends, family, and other traders so that they can benefit from KuCoins’ generous invitation program as well. The best thing is that not only do the people you refer to KuCoin receive benefits, but you can earn up to $1000 per referral too.

Refer a friend kucoin
  1. Navigate to the “Referral Section” at the bottom of the KuCoin website.
Kucoin referral section

2. Here you can set up your personal KuCoin referral code and referral link. Whenever someone signs up to KuCoin using your invitation code or referral link, both of you receive benefits.

Get your kucoin referral link

3. Now the people you referred to KuCoin can start trading and benefiting from KuCoins sign up bonus. On top of that, you earn a 20% commission on the trading fees generated, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Alternatives to KuCoin

If you can’t use KuCoin due to restrictions in your area or you simply want to enjoy more bonuses from other exchanges, there are many great options in the crypto space.

MEXC is a top-tier exchange and currently offers a $9,100 sign up and trading bonus to users signing up with the referral code mexc-BonusHunter. You can read the full MEXC guide here. MEXC operates in over 170 countries, including the USA.

Another popular option is Bybit, with an astonishing $30,000 bonus when using the referral code 35707. Unfortunately, Bybit is restricted in the USA. You can read the full Bybit guide here.


KuCoin is a great crypto platform and offers an amazing sign up bonus when using the referral code QBSSSGQ2. On top of that, you can receive further benefits such as trading fee discounts, margin bonuses, and more. The KuCoin referral bonus is a great way to kickstart your trading on KuCoin.

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Up to $3200 in Bonuses + Discounts and Rebates
Exclusive offer

KuCoin Referral Code FAQ

What is the KuCoin referral code?

The KuCoin referral code is QBSSSGQ2. With this code, you are eligible to receive a bonus worth up to $3200, and you can receive additional trading fee discounts.

Do I have to deposit and trade?

To receive the full bonus of $3200, you must deposit and trade a certain amount. However, there are also bonuses on KuCoin for simply signing up.

Can I withdraw the KuCoin bonus?

No, the bonuses are exclusively for trading. However, you can withdraw all the profits you make from your bonuses.

If I already have a KuCoin account, can I still claim the bonus?

The bonus is exclusive to new users with the referral code QBSSSGQ2. If you already have an account on KuCoin, but you didn’t finalize your KYC yet, you may create a new account with the referral code to receive the bonus.

Is KuCoin safe?

Yes, KuCoin is a secure crypto exchange.

Does KuCoin have a mobile app?

Yes, KuCoin has an amazing mobile application for Android and iOS. Simply download it, apply the referral code, and start trading.

KuCoin Referral Code “QBSSSGQ2



Valid in 2023 on kucoin.com