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➡️ Referral Codemexc-BonusHunter
💰 Bonus$9,100 + 30% Fee Discount
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Up to $9,100 in Bonuses + 30% Futures Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

If done the correct way, trading cryptocurrencies on popular exchanges like MEXC comes with many benefits. Many traders don’t know about referral codes that make you eligible for bonuses, rewards, and discounts.

The crypto trading platform MEXC Global offers traders a bonus worth up to $9,100 and an additional 30% futures trading fee discount with the referral code “mexc-BonusHunter“.

In this article, we will dive into all the promotions offered on MEXC, and we will guide you through the process of receiving the most out of using MEXC with a referral code.

What is the MEXC Referral Code?

The MEXC referral code for April 2023 is “mexc-BonusHunter”. This MEXC referral code makes you eligible to claim the highest rewards on MEXC Global, available in 2023.

MEXC Bonus

How to apply the MEXC Referral Code

1. Go to MEXC with this link (click here)

2. On the evet page, click on “Create an Account”

MEXC Event page bonus

3. Make sure that the referral code “mexc-BonusHunter” is displayed. If the code is not shown, you must apply it manually. Sometimes your internet browser might block this feature.

4. Add your email/phone number and a strong password

Create MEXC Account

5. Deposit cryptos and start trading.

6. Receive your MEXC bonus funds in your MEXC futures account!

MEXC Referral Code “mexc-BonusHunter

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Up to $9,100 in Bonuses + 30% Futures Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

Different Bonus Levels on MEXC Global

The highest signup bonus you can receive on MEXC is $9,100. But there are several tiers with different bonuses. The higher the bonus, the higher your deposit and trading volume has to be. But don’t worry, even small traders can receive generous bonuses with a MEXC referral code.

Event 1: $100 Net deposit with Spot & Futures Trading

Please note that all participants have to deposit cryptos within 7 days of creating their MEXC account with the referral code, and the trading volume must be met within 30 days of creating the account.

As you can see, MEXC also offers bonuses for smaller traders. With a deposit of only $500, you can receive $100 in bonuses after trading. Reaching the required trading volume is also not that hard, especially on the futures market with leverage. It only requires 2 trades with $500 and 10x leverage to reach a futures trading volume of $10,000, so the fastest way to receive the bonus might be quickly opening and closing trades.

If you are concerned about trading fees, rest assured that  MEXC has incredibly low fees. On the spot market, you enjoy 0% fees, and on the futures market, you only pay a 0.02% taker fee, while the maker fee is 0%.

MEXC Sign up bonus


Event 2: $9.000 & 30% Future  Fees Discount

The deposit must happen within the first 7 days of creating the account, and the Future Trading Volume must be reached within the first 30 days of creating your MEXC account with the referral code. If you already created a MEXC without the referral code or the time has passed, you can create a new account with the referral code “mexc-BonusHunter”.

MEXC Sign up bonus

Getting the most out of MEXC rewards

As you can see, MEXC has a very generous offer for crypto traders signing up with the referral code “mexc-BonusHunter” compared to other crypto trading platforms. MEXC is doing a great job attracting traders from all around the world, including the US, with high bonuses and a great trading platform overall. 

MEXC is not just very secure. but they also have some of the lowest trading fees in the crypto space. That means trading on MEXC can save you a lot of money due to the fees that you save.

All MEXC Global referral codes (2023)

Below you will find a list of valid and updated referral codes for MEXC.

  • mexc-BonusHunter
  • mexc-CryptoWR
  • mexc-9100

About MEXC Global

Founded in 2018, MEXC quickly became one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. Serving over 170 countries, including the US, with over 10,000,000 users, it is safe to say that MEXC is home to many traders from all around the world. This is no surprise due to the great trading environment that MEXC created, with low fees, a great user interface, and a generous referral program for trading bonuses.

In terms of security, MEXC seems to be a great option. The Singapore-based exchange has never been hacked. Furthermore, MEXC provides full proof of reserves, which means that your funds are backed 1:1 on the exchange.

MEXC also offers the highest amount of trading pairs. With nearly 2000 different trading pairs, MEXC is the number 1 crypto trading platform in terms of available coins.

On top of that, MEXC has a great fee structure making trading on MEXC even more profitable.


When it comes to support and service, MEXC puts customer satisfaction first. With their multilanguage 24/7 chat support, you can get your queries resolved very quickly. MEXC also has a strong social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, where you can reach out to the exchange.

Other Events and Promotions on MEXC

Aside from MEXCs referral code bonuses, you can participate in trading competitions. In December 2022, MEXC hosted an $8,00,000 world cup trading competition, and in April 2023, MEXC hosted another $5,000,000 trading competition.

It is worth visiting MEXCs “Activity” section to learn more about the latest events and competitions. 

MEXC Events and challenges

MEXC Referral Program

As discussed above, MEXC has a great referral and affiliate program. This enables users to receive rewards and trading fee discounts and makes MEXC a very attractive platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

On MEXC, you can also receive your personal referral code and share it with your friends. You will be provided with your own, unique sign-up code from MEXC. Whenever your friends sign up with your link, they get some benefits on MEXC, like a USDT bonus and lower fees.

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Up to $9,100 in Bonuses + 30% Futures Fee Discount
Exclusive offer

MEXC Referral Code FAQ

What is the MEXC referral code?

The MEXC referral code is “mexc-BonusHunter“. With this code, you can get a $9,100 bonus and a 30% futures trading fee discount.

Do I have to deposit to receive a bonus?

Yes, in order to receive a bonus, you must first deposit a certain $ amount into your MEXC account. However, the requirements on MEXC are very fair, and you can get great benefits even with deposits as low as $500.

If I already have an account, can I still sign up with the referral code?

Yes, even if you already have an account on MEXC, you can still use the referral code for a new account. Some great alternatives are Bitget and Bybit

Can I get more than one MEXC Bonus?

Yes, you can receive several bonuses based on different requirements. The maximum bonus is $9,100 on MEXC.

Can I withdraw the bonus from MEXC?

No, you can not withdraw the bonus from MEXC. It is a bonus exclusively for trading. But you can of course withdraw all the profits you make from the bonus.

Is MEXC safe?

Yes, MEXC is a safe and secure crypto trading platform. MEXC has never been hacked and also provides full proof of reserves.

Which currency is the bonus in?

Most of the bonus will come in USDT, which is equal to the Dollar. On top of that, you can receive small additional bonuses from MEXC in BTC and ETFs.

Can I use MEXC in the USA?

Yes, you can use MEXC in the United States.

MEXC Referral Code “mexc-BonusHunter

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