OKX Referral Code for a $10,000 Bonus and 10% Cashback

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Valid in 2023 on okx.com

🌐 OKXokx.com
➡️ Referral CodeUNLOCKBONUS
💰 Bonus$10,000 Bonus + 10% cashback
✔️ VerifiedValid 2023
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Up to $10,000 in Bonuses + 10% Fee Cashback
Exclusive offer

OKX offers a $10,000 bonus when registering with the referral code “UNLOCKBONUS” in 2023. This promo code makes you eligible for benefits such as USDT bonuses as well as a 10% lifetime cashback on trading fees. 

In this article, we will show you exactly how to unlock the full potential of OKX by using the referral code UNLOCKBONUS. We will show you step by step how to properly apply the referral code so that you can receive great bonuses on OKX.

What is the OKX Referral Code?

The OKX referral code is UNLOCKBONUS. With this code, you can receive two mystery boxes, each worth up to $10,000. 

On top of that, this code guarantees you a 10% lifetime cashback on trading fees. That means for every trade that you place, you are getting paid back 10% by OKX. The fees on OKX are already fairly low, but with the fee cashback feature, OKX has some of the best fee structures in the whole crypto space.

👉 OKX: okx.com/unlockbonus (check the link in the pinned comment)

👉 Referral Code: unlockbonus

How to apply the OKX Referral Code

1. Go to OKX using this link (click here)

2. On the signup page, make sure the “Referral code (optional)” field is displaying the code UNLOCKBONUS. Below, it should also say, “Your commission kickback rate: 10%”. That means that for every trade that you place, you receive 10% back.

OKX referral code

3. Normally, when using the link above, the code should be applied automatically. However, if the referral code is not displayed, you should add it manually. Some browser extensions might block the automation feature. So copy the exclusive OKX referral code UNLOCKBONUS and paste it into the field.

4. After making sure that the code is applied, you can go ahead and create your OKX account with a phone number or email and a strong password.

5. Please note that OKX requires level 1 user identification. So go ahead and verify your identity so you will be eligible to receive the signup bonuses on OKX.


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Up to $10,000 in Bonuses + 10% Fee Cashback
Exclusive offer

Different Bonus Levels on OKX

As always, there are different levels of requirements for receiving the signup bonuses on OKX. Below, you will find a simple table showing the requirements for each bonus.

OKX bonus requirements

What is the OKX Mystery Box?

The OKX Mystery Box is an exclusive offer for traders signing up to OKX using the referral code unlockbonus. With this promo code, you not only receive a 10% lifetime fee cash back but also a Mystery Box worth up to $10,000 as a signup bonus.

If you want to receive a second Mystery Box, aside from using the referral code, you must also complete your verification and make a deposit of more than $50 to OKX in order to receive the Mystery Box. If you don’t have any cryptos yet, you can also buy them directly from OKX using FIAT currencies with credit cards.

That means that you can receive a maximum bonus of $20,000 in case you get the maximum bonus out of both boxes. Obviously, receiving the full bonus is very rare. However, it is still a great feature that attracts many traders from all over the world. 

Who would refuse free money for just signing up and verifying your account? Exactly! OKX has a very generous signup bonus waiting for users that sign up with the referral code unlockbonus.

Unlock OKX mystery box

About OKX

OKX is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017. Nowadays, OKX is one of the biggest crypto trading platforms attracting over 10 million users. With over $16 million, OKX is in the top 3 ranking in terms of derivatives trading volume. 

Furthermore, OKX has relatively low fees, which ensure a great trading experience with 0.02% maker and 0.05% taker fees. Below you will find the image of OKX Futures fee structure.

OKX fee structure

Aside from offering an incredible crypto trading platform, OKX offers other products such as staking, lending, and copy trading to make passive income. Even quantitative trading options are available on the platform.

When it comes to security, OKX puts its customers first. That’s why they provide full proof of reserves. That means that all of your assets are backed 1:1 on OKX, and you don’t need to worry about third-party lending.

Lastly, OKX has great customer service. You can easily chat with a representative in the 24/7 live chat to get your query resolved.

OKX referral program

If you want to receive your personal referral code to share with your friends and family, you can do so in the “Referral” section. You will get your own promo code and unique sign-up link. Whenever someone uses this link to create an OKX account, you will receive a reward, and the user that signed up will also receive a reward.


Alternatives to OKX

If you are in a restricted area or you can not use OKX for other reasons, do not worry. In the crypto space, there are many opportunities to receive great bonuses. 

The highest signup bonus is on ByBit. With up to $30,000 in free crypto bonuses, ByBit beats the competition when it comes to referral bonuses. Unfortunately, ByBit is restricted in the USA. You can access the platform with a VPN, but we do not recommend doing so. You can read the full ByBit guide here.

If you are from the USA, MEXC has the best sign-up bonus for you, worth up to $9100 when using the referral code mexc-BonusHunter. You can read the full MEXC guide here.


OKX is a great trading platform that offers great signup bonuses for traders using the referral code unlockbonus. This code grants you a 10% lifetime cashback for trading fees and on top of that, two Mystery Boxes, each worth up to $10,000. 

It is safe to say that OKX has one of the most generous bonuses in the crypto space, as you only need to do your verification and a deposit of $50. After that, you can open your Mystery Boxes and enjoy the free money.

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Up to $10,000 in Bonuses + 10% Fee Cashback
Exclusive offer

OKX referral code FAQ

What is the OKX referral code?

The OKX referral code for the best sign up bonus is UNLOCKBONUS. With this code, you receive a 10% lifetime cashback on trading fees and up to two loot boxes worth $10,000 each.

Do I have to trade and deposit?

You receive one loot box for just signing up, and the fee cashback is also applied automatically. However, for the other loot box, you must verify your account and deposit $50 into your OKX account.

Is OKX available in the USA?

Unfortunately, OKX is not available in the USA. The best option for US citizens is MEXC for a $9100 bonus. You can read the full MEXC guide here.

Is OKX safe and secure?

OKX appears to be a safe and secure trading platform. They provide full proof of reserves, which means that your assets are backed 1:1. However, we never recommend keeping your funds on the exchange. It is best to keep your cryptos in personal wallets.

Can I claim the bonus on two accounts?

Unfortunately, you can only claim the bonus on OKX once. If you want to receive more bonuses, check out our guides to other exchanges. There are many great crypto bonuses. Amazing examples are ByBit, MEXC, BitGet, and KuCoin.


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Valid in 2023 on okx.com