Sticky vs Non-Sticky Bonus

Sticky vs Non-Sticky Bonus: All You Need To Know

“Get a 100% deposit bonus when you sign up with this promo code!” This is a common ad that is fast becoming a trend among many online casinos, and this is due to the fierce competition in the gambling industry. While this seems like a fascinating offer, at the end of the day, most bettors need clarification on whether the bonus they receive is sticky or non-sticky. Like any other industry, there are vocabularies that users need to get acquainted with to give them an in-depth understanding of how things work in such an industry.

To clarify, we will outline the differences between sticky and non-sticky bonuses to prepare you for your next exciting offer.


What You Need To Know About Sticky Bonuses

A sticky bonus is a bonus that a bettor can use to wager but can not withdraw. Some casinos sometimes state that a special bonus can be used ‘for betting only.’ A sticky bonus usually provides higher bonuses than a non-sticky bonus would. 

For instance, if your favorite casino offers you a 100% bonus on your first deposit, you proceed to deposit $100, giving you a total of $200. You then place a bet on a game with a potential win value of $200 with the entire $200 in your bet account. Two things can happen.

You either win the bet and have a total of $400 in your bet account, or

You lose the bet. In this case, you would only lose your initial deposit amount, which is $100

If you win the bet and decide to stop playing, you can withdraw your entire balance from your account minus the bonus amount ($100). Meaning your total withdrawable amount will be $300.

The primary benefit of a sticky bonus is that it allows you to play for free, and if you win the bet, you can cash out your winnings minus the sticky bonus you got initially. But if you lose, you will lose only the sticky bonus.

It is crucial to note that sticky bonuses usually come with specific wager requirements. In most cases, the casino will require you to bet up to a specified amount before you can cash out on your winnings. Make sure to read the terms of the bonus offers so you get to know what exactly you are getting into.

Advantages of Sticky Bonus

  • A sticky bonus gives players an opportunity to play large bets with substantial potential returns.
  • It allows players to bet on any game without strict betting requirements.
  • Players can still cash out on their winnings even after losing the bonus.
  • Bettors get a higher bonus amount, up to 300-400%.
  • A higher maximum bet is allowed on a sticky bonus.


Disadvantages of Sticky Bonus

  • A sticky bonus allows you to play, but the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
  • Players may be tempted into making higher deposits to get more bonuses.
  • Players must meet the wagering requirements before withdrawing money.

All You Need To Know About Non-Sticky Bonuses

A non-sticky bonus is any bonus that a casino allows you to withdraw along with your winnings and initial deposit when you meet the specified requirements stated in the terms and conditions.

Let us take this second example. Casino XYZ offers a 50% deposit bonus. Player ABC deposits $100, totaling $150, in player ABC’s account. 

Player ABC then plays a bet with a potential winning of $150. If player ABC wins the bet, then ABC will have a total of $300. The betting requirement for Casion XYZ is that a player must place a bet totaling $100 before the bonuses can be unlocked. Now player ABC staked $150, which means he has met the specified requirement. Player ABC will then be able to withdraw his account balance of $300.

Suppose player ABC plays the bet with only his deposit amount without touching the bonus. In that case, he can withdraw all winnings plus the initial deposit without worrying about any wagering requirements.

Advantages of Non-Sticky Bonuses

  • It allows players to use their winnings as they like. Players can choose to withdraw or play more games with it.
  • It saves bettors a lot of time since they do not have to worry about meeting specific wagering requirements.
  • With the non-sticky bonus, players can use their winnings to grow their betting limits and pave the way to win even more money.
  • The player’s deposit is separated from the bonus right from the on-set.

Disadvantages of Non-Sticky Bet Bonuses

  • It offers a much lower bonus amount when compared to sticky bonuses.
  • Players need to meet a specific wagering requirement before withdrawals can be made.
  • It provides a lower max bet.
sticky vs non sticky bonus

How to Know if A Bonus is Sticky or Non-Sticky

Casinos usually provide more details on their current promotional offers in general terms and conditions or on the bonus terms and conditions page. However, casinos would not categorically state that a bonus is sticky or that a bonus is non-sticky. Instead, look out for statements such as these:

For sticky bonuses, look out for phrases like

  • “All wagering requirements/restrictions of a specific offer will stay connected to your account while the bonus is active.”

For non-sticky bonuses, look out for phrases similar to:

  • “Players may withdraw deposits before wagering requirements have been fulfilled.”


  • “Real money is used first when a player places bets with an active bonus. The player’s actual balance will be used to cover the bet amounts. The bet amounts will be subtracted from the bonus balance once the real balance is zero.”

Closing Thoughts

Most experienced bettors have advised players always to choose the non-sticky bonuses whenever possible. While it is true that the bonus amount from non-sticky bonuses is lower when compared to sticky bonuses, non-sticky bonuses provide more value to the player in the long term. 

Players should also check the terms and conditions if they are given any bonus to know which requirements would need to be met before placing bets. In all, remember to gamble responsibly.

Lastly, make sure that the casino you are planning to join for a bonus is fair and legit.